November 2017


(Wilton, Connecticut) Recently the Connecticut Association of Realtors (CT Realtors) named Peg Koellmer, Owner and Broker of Realty Seven, Wilton, CT, to its Grievance/Professional Standards Committee where she will serve as chair. During her tenure she will continue to hold a seat on CT Realtors’ Board of Directors.

Grievance is responsible for making determinations as to whether there is any validity to a complaint that would justify holding a full hearing.  Professional Standards is responsible for holding ethics and arbitration hearings in accordance with established policies, including offering the option of mediation and other expedited processes.

“It is important that as a professional group we monitor our member’s adherence to the Realtor Code of Ethics, in their interactions with both the public and other Realtors,” said Koellmer. “The principles of honest advice and representation should be the standard for every professional working in Connecticut’s real estate industry.  I am proud to serve as chair of the Grievance/Professional Standards Committee.”

According to the CT Realtors, the Grievance/Professional Standards Committee consists of a minimum of 15 association members appointed by their Executive Committee.  These members are selected from among those who are Professional Standards Certified Specialists.  A PSCS® is a member in good standing, who has successfully completed a course of instruction on the procedures related to being a hearing panel member. The recipient of this designation has successfully demonstrated knowledge and competency in hearing matters involving ethics and arbitration.